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Reading this story I wrote in 2009, I couldn’t help but think it still rings true for me.  The circumstances are most certainly different, but I have just recently emerged from another ‘life changing’ experience and the fundamental principles of taking risk and being open to what may come still apply.  
The winding, glorious streets of San Miguel de Allende
 INSPIRATION – March 2009
Before I left to spend the month of February in Mexico, some of my concerned friends expressed their dismay over my trip.  “You’re going alone? Aren’t you afraid?”  I admit I shared their concerns.  Even though I knew that San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city in the middle of the country, was safe and beautiful, the idea of not knowing ANYONE and being so far away, for so long, was unnerving.  
So, why was I doing this?  That was the big question with a fairly simple answer: to see what, if anything, was left inside of me.  To find out who I was at this odd juncture of my life, where so much of what had defined ‘Me’ no longer existed.  I was sick of looking in the mirror and thinking: Who am I now?  My business, my place in the community is gone.  My marriage is failing, my beloved dog has died.  All I saw was a sad, lost, purpose-deprived old woman.  I didn’t recognize myself anymore.