Monthly Archives: September 2013

67th September

This is my 67th September. Always a month of change, mourning the loss of summer, tasting the reality of the coming cold. Like most Americans, I am programmed for a new ‘start’ this month, and memories easily arise – a new teacher, finding my classrooms, a skirt my mother made for me, a fresh blue sweater. In the Northeast where I’ve spent most of my life, September’s cool breezes bring energy and enthusiasm back, waking everyone from heat induced lethargy. We say we’re sad that summer is over, but in our hearts, we’re glad to get back “to business”, to feel recharged. In New England, work and purpose are part of our DNA and this season feels right to us. We are at home in it.

Even though I will not be here to witness the magnificent changes autumn brings or the bracing winter winds that reinforce our hardiness, my programming is deeply imbedded and I find myself thinking about what I will accomplish this ‘winter’. At present, I am merely courting ideas, but once re-situated in my Florida home, I am quite certain one or two will take root and I will be on to something new. It’s who I am, after all.