An Old Story – Prologue


~ Our Little Wishes

Think about the hundreds of people you see and meet, have brief conversations with, maybe work or play with. Every day. Every week. Some become friends, even lovers. But, in time, you or they move on, leaving impressions and memories of all textures.

Each one contributes a sentence, a page, a chapter to the story of you.

The business of everyday life casts you playing out scenes with your fellow actors, changing – ever changing – with entrances and exits. Until suddenly, without intent or warning, you take a seat on a bus, or walk into a room, or stand in line at the grocery. You look up and there is a pair of eyes you instantly recognize as those you’ve been waiting for.

The missing piece of a puzzle you didn’t realize was missing.

Even if you decide to let the moment pass, get off that bus, pick up your groceries and head for the car without looking back, that moment will change you. You will wonder what might have happened if you had spoken, if you had begun to walk down the long road of discovery. You will never be quite the same, because every other pair of eyes will always pale in comparison. You’ve seen a new light, one that shines from within only one person, and its warmth will haunt you all your days.

We are romantic by nature. In our culture, we are raised with tales of falling in love, getting married, living happily ever after. At least, in my generation, this was true. We bought the whole package – that we were destined to find the ultimate joy in life with that special someone – that once you have found him/her, we were to ‘never let him/her go’.

By the time we reach a mature adulthood (in years, even if not developmentally) we may suspect this tale of romance has been misrepresented. The eyes of romantic ecstasy never appeared. Or perhaps we found that special someone, reached for the brass ring and came up empty, or worse. We protect our hearts. We become jaded.

Yet. And yet. For most of us, in the quietest of times, if we are not too afraid of honesty, we secretly harbor a little wish for the love of a lifetime.


~ from AN OLD STORY, by Sherry Campbell

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