As surely as the food we eat turns into the bodies we occupy, the other forms of energy we ‘ingest’ become what we think, how we feel and what we do with our lives. Surrounding ourselves with nature’s beauty, kind and loving people, we develop compassion, joy and awe. Reading the works of great minds, we learn to think and question. The beauty of music and art inspires us toward creativity. We may not have choices about everything in our lives, but we do have so many choices to make every day about the kind of energy we consume, that makes us who we are. We are more powerful than we realize.

Yoga is a way to becoming aware of personal power.  For many, it is THE WAY.  If you, dear reader, are a yogi, this is a truth you are in the process of discovering.  If you are not a yogi, I invite you to consider taking a step onto this path, knowing full well you may have misgivings and possibly misunderstanding of what Yoga means.  Still, the invitation is always there  – regardless of age, physical ability, depth of knowledge.

When one gets a little older, and the bones need a bit more coaxing to go in the intended direction, it can be easy to ‘get comfortable’. Let’s face it, there’s a temptation to say “not today”. But here’s the thing: “not today” can become “not tomorrow” and that can become “not ever” before you know it! So, if there’s something you think you may want to try, get up and TRY IT. If there’s an opportunity knocking at your door, don’t turn up the TV so you won’t hear it! Go to the door, see what’s there for you, If not now, then WHEN?

Please click on the Yoga Category for all my posts about Yoga practice and philosophy.  Namaste.

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