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Faith or Fear.  I heard recently that every choice we make in our lives is made based on one of two things:  Faith or Fear.  Consider this….you get an idea in your head about something you might want to do.  You may dismiss it immediately because its energy just isn’t enough to merit further thought.  But, then there are those ideas that just keep rolling around in your head – the ones that won’t go away.  A time for choice is close.  You can choose to act on it or not.  Choosing to NOT act is something we do all the time, and that choice is often based on Fear.  Fear of failing.  Fear of looking stupid.  Fear of change.  Fear of losing something, someone.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of leaving our comfort zone.  The list of Fears is endless.

The choice to act on your idea is one of Faith.  Faith that no matter what happens, you will handle it.  Faith that even if you ‘fail’, you will have learned something.  Faith that if you lose something, someone, you will also find.  Faith that we will establish a new comfort zone.

At a young age, I was forced to make this same choice – cling to a toxic situation, even though it was what I knew, or make a drastic change, having the faith that I would be better off, whatever might happen.  Perhaps it was at that moment that I established my ‘modus operandi”.  New experiences would become a challenge I would not shy away from.  Trying new things would come more and more easily.  Fears – of course there are fears – came in sizes that I could negotiate:  SMALL: ‘yikes, can I do that?’ size; MEDIUM: ‘omg, this could really be a big change for me’ size; LARGE:’I really need to think this through because I’m not sure I want to live with the possible ramifications’ size; EXTRA LARGE: ‘maybe not right now’ size; and GIGANTIC: ‘not in this lifetime’ size.

Interestingly, most of my fears seemed to fall in the small category and a few in the medium.  I could live with that.

As I’ve aged, and I realize that time and energy are more precious commodities than they once were, I use that criteria when deciding “do or do not”, as my Faith is strong and drives me toward new experiences a bit more than I can sometimes live up to.  Still, when my heart is full and the spirit is willing, I muster the physical and mental energies needed and sally forth.

Often, people ask me about “how do I do it?”.  I say: I get up every morning and do stuff.  My imagination is active, life is a smorgasbord of things waiting to be tasted and time is a-ticking. How will I feel at the end of this day?  Will I have taken a longer road than intended and been rewarded by meeting an extraordinary person on the way?  Will I give my body and mind a much needed rest and gain strength and enthusiasm for tomorrow?  Will I take the time to walk a powdery beach and stand in awe of the sunset colors?

Or will this be a day when a new idea will find its way into my open mind and take root, the start of creating something I haven’t even imagined yet?  I love those days.

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5 thoughts on “About Starboogie

  1. sherry Post author

    I’m one of those people who writes when the spirit moves me. Something happens or I have an experience that touches me and I feel compelled to write about it. I envy people who can just sit down and write about anything. I don’t have that talent.

  2. Rich Bond

    This amazing internet. You read something by or about someone from the distant past, which leads to another item which leads to the realization that we may have graduated from high school in the same class and in the winter 50 years later are snow birding close to each other, totally unaware of it.

    1. sherry Post author

      I remember you. Yes, we both graduated from West Side, I believe in the same year! Another classmate of ours lives over on the East Coast. There are probably more! Thanks so much for sending this note.

  3. dena digangi

    Sherry…..you can laugh at me…..I deserve it….I’m so un or under educated re; all things digital and/or technological……I’ve greatly enjoyed all that I’ve read….However, to be honest, I don’t know what to call or how to name what I’ve read…not that it matters, but you’ve written so much, I’d feel more comfortable if I understood the context(s).For example, in our conversations, you may have mentioned Doug……I know that he was a very important part of your life, but, again, I only have a piece of the puzzle….What a loss for you and the ensemble…….I wonder if you’ll ever read these comments…..and if you do….how? why?…


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